A band that hails from all spheres of the Cape flats; Mitchell’s Plain, Ravensmead, Parklands and southfield. These musicians have all been brought together by their passion for music. Their goal is to reach the world stage, BUT to first and foremost stay in touch and true to their home, Cape Town. The band members are of great personalities, and hope to encourage the growth and development of aspiring young artists because they know the potential of their own environment. They also seek to nurture professionalism of which 20% goes a long way, while the other 80% is pure-driven fun. They have a style of rock, reggae and funk with catchy tunes and thoughtful lyrics. With hard hitting drum beats to the sweetest guitar licks and sweet on the ear vocals with interesting song structures, which will make you want to listen to it again and again and again and again… They have their own distinctive style, once you’ve heard Bastille; you’ll know its Bastille.

Lead Singer – Riyaan Cornelius: Not only has he performed in various musical productions (such as Mike McCullugh’s Myths and Legends and That 80’s Show, currently running at the BMW Theatre Pavilion), but he also happens to be a bright spark with a National Diploma in Journalism. He freelances at various TV production companies across Cape Town. And also does a bit of industrial theatre on the side But, you ask, what has this got to do with his singing? Absolutely nothing! This front man has never ever been musically trained, but has a singing voice that could only be instilled by God. Alias: Ree/mistaree.

Lead/Rhythm Guitarist – Lorenzo Bastiaan: Quirky brain child of the band along with Cornelius, this guy has the natural ability to write some of the most thought provoking lyrics, so much so, he hardly finds the time of day to put a comb through his hair. He has the knack to strike up a tune with every inspirational moment in a flourish, turning it into a beautiful ensemble. Being an electrical engineer also adds to his diverse abilities as a creative person and consistent gat maker. Alias: Lorrie.

Drummer/Percussionist – Darren Petersen: Drummer for the South African National Youth Jazz Band (Springbok colours) Percussionist for the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra Plays for Mike McCullagh (Drums and Percussion in theatre shows etc.) Studied jazz drumming, percussion etc @ Beau Soleil school of music (Grade 8 Percussion and Drumming) Well, with all these credentials what more can we say about this Big Friendly Giant, except he’s nothing like he’s brother. As young as he is, this puppy dog-eyed guy has an innate sense of timing on the drums. Alias: Lange, Boeta D Bassist.

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